What flour to use and why?

My bakes have all been made with Cotswold Flours, either all strong white bread flour, below, all white spelt flour, or a mix of the two. I have since also made it with a mix of white and wholemeal spelt flours.

One of the many beauties of this recipe is that it can be made with so many different flours. Being a sturdy dough and if you bake it in a tin, it can be made with 100% spelt, or a mix of strong white bread flour with other flours of your choice. I’ve also seen people using Cotswold Flour Cotswold Crunch and Eight Grain flours in their doughs, and personally I happily recommend any of the flour in the Cotswold Four range.

NOTE: this is my opinion only, I am not sponsored or paid to recommend these flours, I merely like to share what works for me and these flours work perfectly every time I use them, in whichever of my recipes I make. I like good, consistent, working flours, and this range has given me that. Why not try for yourself and see what you think?

My tip is, try whatever mix takes your fancy!

Made with 100% white spelt flour
The inside shot of the above loaf